About Y.E.S.

A little about our company

Our Chief Operating Officer, Bill Seagraves, Jr. was raised here in Orlando and in this business giving him more than 40 years of experience to become a leader in our industry. He graduated from Edgewater High School and went onto the University of Florida on a Baseball Scholarship. After attending the University of Florida, he returned to the family business that was established in 1948. The Seagraves Companies were the dominant factor in our Industry until the companies were sold in 1998. After the sale, Bill became the driving force behind Y.E.S.

Kimberly J. Lostetter born and raised in Minnesota has lived in Florida for over 20 years. She is the founder of the Company and holds the plumbing license. She is an accounting graduate who works hard with our clientele to provide the best budgetary assistance in preventing problems from occurring.

Our Employees are a team. Everyone has their part to help take care of your problems and prevent you from having any more problems in the future. Our plumbers, sewer & drain technicians, pump truck drivers, jet vac operators, office staff and all other YES positions all work together to give you the best, most efficient and economical service possible.


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