Jet Vac

The Jet/Vac cleaning service can address storm systems and sanitary systems as well as catch basins, manholes, lift station wells, drainage ditches and culverts, oil/water separators, retention systems, electrical vaults, wet wells, pit and sump cleanouts. We have tools to remove deposits as well as root intrusion. The combination jet/vac process consists of a hose and nozzle that is propelled forward in the sanitary sewer line by high water pressure. This high water pressure allows the nozzle to propel the hose forward in a rotating manner to clear obstructions in the sewer line. If needed, we can perform confined space entry.

We pride ourselves on responding in a timely manner to our customers’ storm and sewer system maintenance or emergency cleaning needs. We have experience working with plumbing and utility companies, commercial property managers/owners, contractors, municipalities, and homeowners. Our staff of trained and reliable operators enables us to provide the quality of service you deserve. We can help you create a preventive maintenance schedule to help ensure that your system is working properly year round.

We keep abreast of new rules concerning sanitary and storm systems including but not limited to local city and county codes in relation to restaurants, private systems cleaning, general maintenance and manifesting.

Y.E.S. also has the ability to Hydro excavate using our Jet Vac trucks. This technique is useful especially in emergencies when there is not time for cable locates or there are many utilities running through the area, which makes using a backhoe very difficult.

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