Y.E.S. Lift Station Service

YES provides service and maintenance for lift stations. For you, this means keeping them running in top-notch condition. We provide some of the most extensive maintenance services and have the ability to repair and replace any size pumps. Some of the primary services most often requested include, but are not limited to: lift station cleaning and pressure washing, inspection of submersible pumps, check valves, electrical panel, accurate determination of pump cycling, amp and voltage readings to determine the condition of the pumps, Megohm test on the pump motors, Record and document all findings, and present a written report to the client after each maintenance period.

YES also has the licensing and experience to replace an old lift station that has structural problems, usually due to age, with a new lift station.

We also convert properties that have an onsite waste water system, such as a septic tank, to the city or county sewer system. If a Lift Station is required to make this conversion YES can provide this service.

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