Y.E.S. System Inspection Service

One of the most important areas generally overlooked is inspection activities. Many businesses are being currently serviced by non-inspected and deteriorating systems infastructures. Factors, such as weak materials, poor construction practices, and inadequate management, have made sewers less resilient to the natural aging process.

We offer top notch inspection activities including video camera inspections. These services can identify potential problems early on saving our clients the headache of unexpected and catastrophic failures that disrupt not only service, but also above-ground activities.

We can camera from a 2” line all the way up to a storm line. We have both push and crawler cameras.

Many businesses we service for the first time have suffered from non-inspected and deteriorating storm and sewer systems. Reasons for these conditions are due to weak material used during construction, poor construction practices, and inadequate management of the systems. Through our inspection and maintenance activities we are able to identify and correct problems well before they are able to negatively effect the performance of our customers sewer systems.

Some major problems which plaque storm and sanitary systems are:

  • Rebar showing in manholes as well as pour grouting.
  • Fill materials not compacted properly during installation.
  • Infiltration and inflow, which inturn creates hydrolic overloads.
  • As well as general neglect due to lack of cleaning and conducting general inspections of these systems.

The failure of underground systems not only impact the services but disrupt above ground activities, such as traffic. These failures are often impossible to avoid without regular maintenance and inspections. Y.E.S. stresses the need to prioritize inspection activities for your own good, inturn you have control over costly repairs to reduce if not eliminate complete system failures.

By taking the upper hand and gaining important information from timely inspections and maintenance activities the money you save in possible fines and costly emergency repairs will always be to your advantage.

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