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Most Cities and Counties now require complete pump out along with pressure washing and inspection of your grease trap at a minimum of every 90 days. Y.E.S. is extremely efficient in the disposing and manifesting of all waste products hauled off site. All manifests are processed at the waste disposal facility and copies are immediately sent to the City or county in which the service was completed.

In an effort to keep sewer overflows from happening the City of Orlando is mandating that Private Lift Stations & sewer systems be regularly maintained.

Lift stations must be contracted with a company that has the ability to both service & maintain the lift station controls as well as clean and respond to any emergencies.

Sewer Systems are to be cleaned on a regular basis with a Jet/Vac truck. Therefore, preventing any waste to flow into the City or County waste system. A Jet Vac truck has the ability to both jet clean the line and vacuum up the waste that has been cleaned out of the system. Jet trailers are no longer allowed in the City limits to clean lines.